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Our Team

Founding Partner

James Anderson

A Northumbrian born and bred, with a vast amount of experience working with clients across the GCC regions since 2013. An ex British Armed Forces veteran with a solid business acumen and engineering background, with renowned planning and coordination skills, focussed on absolute attention to detail.

Founding Partner

Russell Howes

Born and raised in the North East with extensive business knowledge and experience in the GCC, Russell began facilitating VIP gulf client requests in Europe in 2008 on an adhoc basis before jointly founding Montagu Gulf.


Bobby Hayler

Bobby is a well-recognised International Grand Prix Dressage rider. She shares her extensive riding expertise and offers training and runs clinics and workshops. Her Equestrian network across the north is privately available to our clients.


Steve Lambert

Another northern native, with a strong British Army background, Steve is trusted with close protection of gulf royal families. His unrivalled ops management skills and ability to always avert life-threatening situations along with a team of both male and female CPO’s makes him a leading force in CP.


Bryn Close

A well-known name in middle eastern falconry circles, Bryn breeds the fastest birds in the world and on supply contracts with middle eastern royals. He advises our travel team on the sport of Falconry in the north.

Real Estate

Claire Howes

Claire is passionate about commercial and residential properties, sourcing the right deals in popular and upcoming areas for both sales and rentals in her home, north east England. With over a decade in the UAE Claire understands how to deliver our region to GCC nationals.

Concierge & Events

Louise Marr

Another northeast native who spent more than 20 years in the UAE assisting with international company structures for Arab nationals as they experienced explosive growth. Louise has unmatched experience in delivering challenging tasks in tight deadlines.

Executive Travel

Margarita Anderson

Margarita began working with the world's most exclusive hotels and resorts for the GCC executive and private travel industry in 2012. She aligns the expectations of our Middle Eastern clientele with some of the most unforgettable experiences in northern England delivering unrivalled levels of client support.

Shooting Sports

Peter Simpson

A CPSA qualified instructor with an Olympic focus in his tuition style, Peter heads our shooting sports division with his team of varied shooting professionals that cover all disciplines.


Aiden Howes

Aiden brings his complete media spectrum knowledge to our team. Another North England native, with time, served in the middle east he manages a team of professionals that deliver our media and PR department.


Sean Child

Anything to do with cars of any nature is of great interest to Sean. He makes it his business to stay abreast of all the latest developments across the industry including, exotic, classic and modified vehicles. He brings his knowledge and network of key people in the industry.

White Labelling

Sahil Thazhvara

With a creative director background Sahil understands the managing and developing perceptions of company brands, coupled with a sharp acumen for building teams and representatives, his style ensures your requirements are delivered.