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Our Services


Consists of a comprehensive established planning and booking team, who have years of experience dealing with a wide range of unique requests and services for our clients throughout the GCC. Every request is handled discreetly and effectively. Our service pricing is flexible and can be based on either a subscription model or project based. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Discover northern England from a range of different intentions – from corporate travel to leisure to real estate and investments, we can ensure you experience what’s on offer in the way you desire – some are known to our local population – some experiences are hidden from the naked eye. Bespoke travel packages are tailored to suit your specific requirements.

Real Estate

We facilitate commercial and residential real estate purchasing, sales and leasing. We hold exclusively privately marketed properties which match exact gulf client requirements. We also offer assistance in property administration work, design and construction to ensure your requirements are delivered as expected.


Business Services

Since 2008 We have established high level connections across the region through our business networks covering all business sectors. We can assist in finding local partners, business premises and representation throughout our region. We have an exclusive list of businesses for sale and are able to assist in investments for future growth. We have the required network of legal, accounting and professional services.

Social Events

Planning and hosting of legendary events is something we have great experience with for gulf clients. From venue suitability and sourcing, event design and production to securing talent, F&B, guestlist management and guest logistics we offer the complete service to make your event unforgettable.We can also provide access to other events in the region that may be either sold out or invite only.



Northern England is host to the majority of scenic UK parklands and hence perfectly suited to outdoor pursuits be it Falconry, Shooting, Fishing or Equestrian – many experts in their field reside in the north and have facilities to match. We make introductions to the right people in your preferred sport who are based across the north.



Media is one of our founding sectors, starting in the media business in the UAE in 2008, but in northern England in 1978 we have a good understanding of both markets and can open up our UK media network to gulf nationals who are keen to build businesses and reputation. From broadcasting, to print and of course social media we increase exposure at the right level.



There are many unique automotive businesses and people spread across northern England that work with Montagu Gulf to help deliver a full spectrum of unique automotive services and experiences. From vehicle sourcing, sales, leasing and logistics we can assist you whatever your requirements – not to mention some exclusive off market opportunities for vehicle purchase from UK collectors which we are regularly presented to us.


White Label Service

If you are new to the north and would like your company represented in the region we can help. By building you a temporary team to carry your brand values at trade shows or indeed to welcome travelling guests our team of temporary executives will operate as your brand requires.

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